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These have been ready for a while now, I finally made the time to blog about them.

picking up from my last update on this project Life in a box

In line with the over riding idea behind this project I used corrugated cardboard from old cartons.

The first one I found was weak on its own, the second can stand on its own but they are both stronger together. I hope I can produce a few more works from this project, but will have to wait and see due to a number of factors.

Here is a quick overview of how the project has progressed


This shows the progress from when I jumped into a box in front of my camera, the early sketches, further experimented on news paper then painted on corrugated cardboard.




It has been awhile since my last post here, those close to me would already know why this blog went quiet.

For months my Wife was in the latter stages of pregnancy, so for obvious reasons some things had to change, somethings are not as easy to access anymore.

Recently my Wife gave birth to our second child.

Now we have a new Child and direction, keep an eye on both this blog and Lai-Jenkins Creations.

As promised here’s the update on my current project.

Last time i showed a few initial sketches, now I’m going to show three development sketches as I am trying to work out how best to realize the final works, (still along way off starting those). But first I will share a few links that I looked at to inform this project, as I said before it started based on my current experience of living in One room, it has gone past just that.

So what causes people to become homeless?

When I was pondering this question I found that many of us weather we realize it or not could be out on the streets tomorrow, all it takes is one critical thing in our lives to change, while looking for articles on this subject I found this Canadian website that explains the basics causes in plain English.

the Homeless Hub

This is a problem that affects every country, there are some people trying to do little things to make life a little easier for homeless people.

A mobile unit designed for a homeless person

another option given in the US

So back to my Artistic project, what am I trying to say with my art? Probably what a lot of people have been trying to say for years, help the Homeless.

In regards to my project I am working out how to express the idea of Living in a box, from a homeless person’s perspective, so I moved from news print on to news paper, I found this suggests many possible interpretations.